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(Jan 29th, 2012)
Further Confusion Tournament Results!
      by Seppel

I've added the Further Confusion results to the website! If you played Furoticon at Midwest Furfest, you now have your Furos and game points! Log in to spend and view them!

Furos are used to enter tournaments and get free merchandise! If you don't have enough to get what you want, you can buy Furos in the web shop! Game points keep track of how experienced you are as a Furoticon player! Login to check your score and see how you rank up!

Tsumi overcomes Raishi for 1st place!

Kaji makes it onto the board in 11th place!

HuskyRedz, Nick_Simmons, Yelsew, Tobiah, Jroo, and Reese all had wonderful performances at Further Confusion and made it into the top 25 as well!

See you all at the next tournaments! We're headed to Texas in February!

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