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(Dec 30th, 2011)
Playtesting / Freebies / Tsumi's Tournament / New Shop Item / Artist Portal update!
      by Seppel

Five updates for the end of the year!

Playtesting applications are closed! You will receive an email in the next 24 hours if you have been accepted. Playtesting begins January 2nd!

All the Winter Freebie Packs have been mailed out! If you properly filled out your shipping information, you should receive yours in a few days!

Tsumi's Tournament
Tsumi is holding a Sealed Tournament in the Greater Philadelphia area in February! Read more about the tournament and sign up here!

New Shop Item

Ready to open some big packs? Each of these new limited-edition packs contains 10 commons, 10 uncommons, and 10 rares! 30 cards in one pack! These premium packs are perfect for completing a collection or getting ahead in a tournament!

Artist Portal
The Artist Portal will reopen January 2nd. Because of the issues we ran into last year with too few art slots for too many artists, we will return to the way we did invitations two years ago with Triskelion -- we will give out weekly invitations and add new card slots each week. This way, artists will not get bogged down by 20 people applying for the same art slot (forcing us to reject 19 applications), and it should help us to develop more consistent character art throughout the set.

That's a wrap!
2011 was a great year for Furoticon! We'll see all you artists, players, playtesters, and developers for more sexy card games in 2012!

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