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(Nov 27th, 2011)
Cyber Monday Sale! And Tournament #5, and more!
      by Seppel

Cyber Monday Sale
We've got an incredible sale for you! 20% - 25% off all Triskelion products and 30% off the Triskelion box set!

Follow the sexual adventures of Sukouri, Bryn, and Leavan in the Triskelion box set!

Hurry and get your cards before this sale ends!

Webcam Tournament #5!
Signups have been posted for the next Furoticon constructed webcam tournament! Everyone is invited to join, and everyone is guaranteed to win Furos or game points!

Signup: Here (top of the page)
Rules: Here
When: Friday, Dec 2nd @ 9 PM EST
Where: Furoticon Chat

Level: Intermediate, 300 Furo signup ($3)

1st Place Prize: 700 Furos!
2nd Place Prize: 400 Furos!
3rd/4th Prizes: 150 Furos!

Game Points Awarded
Attendance: 2
Win by Orgasm: 1
Win by Time: 1
Loss by Orgasm: 0
Loss by Time: 0
Draw: 0
BYE: 1

MFF points
Once the package from Crimsonred arrives with all the Midwest Furfest information, I'll be able to give all the MFF attendees their Furos and game points!

Triskelion Novel
Callista is almost done with the Triskelion Novel! She has roughly 5 chapters left to write. Thank you all for being so patient!

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