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(Nov 20th, 2011)
Midwest Furfest and News!
      by Seppel

I hope everyone had fun at Midwest FurFest! If you played in any Furoticon events at MFF, then your game points and Furos will be awarded to you once I receive the paperwork back from Crimsonred.

That's the last of our conventions for 2011! So, what will we be doing to pass the time? Why, playtesting the new Tribes of Tanglebrook set, of course! 143 new cards need to be tested and balanced! Playtesting applications will open in December, and we'll be playtesting in January - February!

Our four winners who get their own card in Tribes of Tanglebrook are Tsumi, Yugemos, Artica, and Drex. Congrats!

Artists, the artist portal will reopen in January for another round of art!

For those of you curious what the Tribes of Tanglebrook code is, it's TAN. TRI was taken by Triskelion. :)

That's about it for now. See you on Cyber Monday!

Every day is Cyber Monday for Boy Toy and Lily Tyla.
Art by Spackered

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