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(Oct 10th, 2011)
Friday Night Webcam Tournament!
      by Tournaments

"I'd love to play, but I have nobody to play with!"

"I can't make it out to conventions for tournaments!"

Solved and solved! We're hosting an experimental 8-player webcam tournament Friday night at 9 PM Eastern Time (6 PM Pacific)! Signup now to be guaranteed a spot!

A stat mat is sexy, but not required!

This will be a Novice level tournament, meaning everyone will receive two game points for attending.

Signup cost: 100 Furos (Signup here! Don't forget to submit your decklist - read below!)

1st Place: 200 Furos
2nd Place: 140 Furos
3rd & 4th: 70 Furos

1) You must submit your 40-card decklist to no later than Friday, 8:30 PM Eastern Time.

2) You must have a webcam that can easily display all your cards in play in the Furoticon chat.

3) All cards are legal to play. You may have a maximum of 3 copies of a card in your deck, except for Home Havens, which are unlimited.

4) If you have any 1st Vanilla cards in your deck, you must put your deck in opaque sleeves.

5) You must thoroughly shuffle your deck in view. If it leaves the view of your webcam after shuffling, you are disqualified.

6) Your hand must always remain in view. If it leaves the view of your webcam, you are disqualified.

7) Rounds will be 50 minutes long. There will be 1 game per round. If you fail to show up 10 minutes after a round has started, you will receive a match loss.

8) If someone asks for the stats of a card, you must be truthful. Intentionally misrepresenting the game state for your own advantage is grounds for a match loss.

9) At the end of your turn, you must type in the chat your remaining AP and GP, for example, if you have 5 AP and 2 Female GP left, you can type "5FF" to represent that.

10) Alterations that you play on an opponent's Furres are a little tricky to play over webcam. Use your best effort to remember that the Furre is altered. For example, use a token to remind yourself that a Furre is altered.

11) Seppel will be moderating the tournament. If you have any rules questions, ask him. All rulings by the moderator are final.

Click here to sign up!

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