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(Oct 5th, 2011)
New Features on!
      by Seppel

Ahahaha! I've finished! It's alive!

I've added many new features to the site! Let me break them down for you:

1) accounts! You can now sign up to keep track of your gaming stats, cash in prizes, and play new games that we add to the site! Register at the new menu at the top of the page!

2) Furoticon Points (Furos)! Furos can be used to play games, get free merchandise, and once Furoticon Online is released, you'll be able to trade digital cards using Furos!

3) Give Furos as a gift to a friend! When you're logged in, you can give Furos as a gift to a friend in need of cards! Now your friends who don't have PayPal accounts can get cards too!

4) Daily raffle! Login and click on "Enter Today's Raffle" at the top of the page to enter a daily drawing to win 10 Furos! It's free!

5) New ordering page! I've redesigned the ordering page and trimmed down some fat. It looks much nicer now! Also, if you're logged in, you can order Furos and get cards with Furos!

6) Faster delivery of digital items! Digital items will now be delivered within 10 minutes of purchase!

7) Keep track of your orders! If you order cards while logged in, you can see the status of your order in your Control Panel. Records of gifts of Furos you send or receive are also available in your control panel.

And coming soon...

8) You'll be able to review every sanctioned tournament match you've played, and keep track of your own personal score!

I've done it! Aaaaahahaha!
Art by Darkzel

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