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(Sep 27th, 2011)
Combo Corner: Caught Red-handed
      by Nikomaru

Caught Red-Handed is a card that needs to be used properly to reap its benefits. So how do you start using it?

When you use this card, until the end of the turn, each time any card goes to any couch, you get a pain counter to place as you choose. Also remember that pain counters normally give -1 to all PEs, but they also provide +1 to all PEs for a Masochist.

There are several cards that make someone discard cards from your hand when you play them, but only a few that give you a reward for discarding.

Skeleton Key costs only 2 AP and 1 Male GP, making it an easy card to combo with Caught Red-Handed. First you play Caught Red-Handed, and place a pain counter on a Furre. Then you play Skeleton Key, discarding a card that you don't need (a Home Haven, for example), and you eliminate a dangerous Treat that your opponent controls.

Count those cards up: (1) Caught Red-handed, (2) Skeleton Key, (3) the discarded card, and (4) your opponent's Treat. That's four pain counters that you get to place down.

Now, what happens if you play two Caught Red-handed cards instead of one? For the first one, you get to place a pain counter. For the second one and all subsequent cards, the skill now triggers twice, so you get to place two more pain counters:

+1: Caught Red-handed
+2: Caught Red-handed
+2: Skeleton Key
+2: The discarded card
+2: Your opponent's treat

That's nine pain counters plus a board advantage.

Let's take a look at a real scenario where this could happen. Say you have a Slums Drunk in play, but your Female opponent has played Timidity on him, rendering him useless in bed.

All of a sudden, you're at an incredible advantage.

Feeling like going multi-gender? Try to activate Wela'sa with this combo!

All of these cards can be found in the Triskelion starter decks and booster packs, so pick up some juicy cards!

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