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(Sep 18th, 2011)
2nd Vanilla One-of-a-kind Full-Set Binders!
      by Seppel

To celebrate the coming of the fourth Furoticon set, "Tribes of Tanglebrook," and to help raise funds, we are offering 2nd Vanilla full-set binders! That's right - collect the entire set right away as well as have a snazzy binder along with a unique 2nd Vanilla print of your choice on the cover!

Only FIVE of these will ever be made.

$250 nets you ALL 132 2nd Vanilla Furoticon cards, plus the 5 booster pack cover art cards, the 3 booster pack backs, and both Promo Cards (Callista Skip and Everthrob) which you can only get at Furoticon events - 142 mint-condition cards total. Collectors, now's your chance!

These will NEVER EVER be offered again. If you are interested, please send me an email to and tell me that you want a binder! These are first-come, first-serve. Free shipping to anywhere!


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