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(Aug 21st, 2011)
2nd Vanilla Character Guide
      by Seppel

We're almost halfway through the 2nd Vanilla story arc, which you can read through our news updates! Taz asked on the forums for some clarification to the 2nd Vanilla story arc. Specifically, he requested a character diagram to help better understand the relationships of the characters.

We deliver!

If you'd like to start reading the story and get a sneak peek at a bunch of the art in 2nd Vanilla, follow these links:

Chapter 1: Young Ambitious College Freshman
Chapter 2: Sup? It's Lily!
Chapter 3: Finding a Suitable Tree
Chapter 4: Togetherness
Chapter 5: Early Morning Library Study Session
Chapter 6: Rumors, Classes, and Parties
Chapter 7: Late-night Phone Call
Chapter 8: Samantha Tells a Bedtime Story
Chapter 9: It's for a Good Cause!
Chapter 10: Sue gets Hypnotized

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