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(Aug 21st, 2011)
A Beasthunter's Dry Spell!
      by Seppel

Sometimes, life as a bounty hunter can get tough. The Beastrider has had to trek through swamps, mountains, and deserts, just to catch hir prey. It can get messy, wet, and tiring.

Art by Slug

Today, let's take a look at what can happen when you're tired out!

Dry Spell lets you reduce one of a Furre's PEs (Pleasuring Experience - how much pleasure it gives to a gender) down by 10. When most Furres don't have a PE higher than 5, you're guaranteed to bring that PE down to zero!

Dry Spell is very handy if you're running one or two genders in your Furoticon deck. Take a look at the How to Play video to learn more about genders and pleasure! Then grab some cards and come play!

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