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(Aug 15th, 2011)
Video Game Challenges at FGW!
      by Seppel

Here were some of the video game challenges at FGW:

Mario Paint challenge -- draw something Furoticon themed to win 4 booster packs!
Super Mario Bros -- get 99 lives to win 1 booster pack!

Sigil won the Mario Paint challenge with a reinterpretation of Melam and Pardia.

Callista used the premade happy birthday cake and added the word "Furoticon" to it.

Nikomaru drew a furoti-car.

Taz made O.R.A.L. campus restroooms.

...and Iso attempted to get 99 lives on Super Mario Bros.

Some of the other video game challenges not pictured:

Starfox -- Go to "Out of this Dimension" -- completed by Raishi
Super Bomberman 1 and 2 -- Beat Seppel in a 3-point vs. Game -- both completed by Kikagoro
Super Mario World -- Beat the game without killing anything but bosses -- completed by Taz
Hard Drivin' -- Set the best lap record for the convention -- 1:21:25 by Nikomaru
Bubble Bobble -- Beat stages 1 - 25 without continuing -- completed by Tsumi

There were 18 other challenges, but none of them were completed. Many were attempted, however! Renarii failed to beat Super Metroid in less than 3 hours, and nobody was able to beat me in a Tetris Attack 2-point vs. game (12-0 record).

We'll be back next year with more challenges and fun!

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