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(Aug 8th, 2011)
Triskelion Pronunciation Guide
      by Seppel

Over the past year, I've heard a number of very interesting and entertaining pronunciations to the names found in Triskelion. So here is a list of notably mispronounced names in Triskelion!

Sukouri: Soo-curry.

Leavan: Lev-in.

Bryn: Brin (not Brine).

Lyscilla: Liss-silla.

Gen Ketan: Jen Kee-tin.

Arman'ka: Arr-mon-kah.

Wela'sa: Wee-luh-sah.

Tegome Aburana: Teh-go-may Ah-boo-rah-nah.

...and one from 2nd Vanilla!

Thib and Malachi: Tib and Mal-a-kai.

I hope this has been informative! If there's any other names you're curious about, feel free to ask on the Furoticon Message Boards!

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