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(Aug 5th, 2011)
Masturbating Squirrel Girls!
      by Seppel

Last time, Sue met a very strange opossum out in the woods. Today we get to see some cards!

The opossum lured Sue out into the woods to do hir bidding. Who is this opossum? Why, it's the Hypnomastress!

When you play the Hypnomastress, you get to steal one of your opponent's Furres for a turn! Very sneaky!

Poor Sue's all helpless and horny in front of the Hypnomastress, and that's just the extra time you need:

One extra AP per turn helps out a lot, especially when you have a lot of 10 AP cards to play!

Some Havens are a little more powerful than Mound, and here's a way to stop them:

Now your opponent can't use any powerful skills on Havens!

Get all these cards and more in 2nd Vanilla to create your own personal harem!

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