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(Jul 22nd, 2011)
Kanette and Timidity
      by Seppel

Last time, we learned about Kanette, the shy otter girl. Let's take a look at her card!

Kanette is indeed Shy! A Shy Furre can't swing, which means Kanette is purely a defensive Furre. She's also Multi-orgasmic, which means she takes two orgasms before she's done, unlike other Furres. Be careful, though -- she'll only have 5 stamina for her second orgasm!

Now, what embodies a shy otter girl?


Timidity is an Alteration that you play on a Furre. You'll want to play it on an opponent's Furre, because Timidity makes that Furre unable to swing (attack) or put out (defend)!

If you have Females in your harem, you should put a couple Timidities in your deck for safety!

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