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(Jul 19th, 2011)
Meet Kanette!
      by Seppel

Kanette is a shy little otter you'll find in 2nd Vanilla!

Art by Shinigamigirl

In her tribe, her purple hair represents that she's a hunter. Purple is a rather unnatural color to be sporting while hunting, but it's absolutely necessary. Peace is uneasy amongst tribes, so wandering out into the woods with a knife or spear brandished is a good way to get yourself killed if the wrong person sees you. The purple hair represents a flag to alert others, "I'm not here to start a war. I just need some food."

After a hard day's work, every skilled hunter needs to take a bath. Would you peek in on her?

Art by Waitress and Pixiesculpt

You can get a peek in 2nd Vanilla! Get some cards now!

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