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(Jul 6th, 2011)
Theft of the Rabbit and Cold Shower
      by Seppel

Last time, Lily updated us on how things have been going at ORAL College. Our students are halfway through their spring semester, and money has been getting tight. And who can blame her? Those top-of-the-line vibrators are expensive!

With Theft of the Rabbit, you can remove all copies of a single card from your opponent's deck. This is a very tricky card to play right, because you need to know what your opponent has in his or her deck (or you need to be very intuitive)!

If your opponent has a harem full of Herms, naming "Dissension" might be a very good idea. If your opponent is running Males, "Rough Thrust" is probably a good thing to get rid of. Females? Name "Timidity," or even "Theft of the Rabbit." Ha!

There's nothing in Furoticon that's unbeatable, though. There's an answer to every card in Furoticon. Especially bothersome Treats.

Simple as that!

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