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(Jul 1st, 2011)
The Big Anthrocon Recap!
      by Seppel

I've finally recovered enough to do an Anthrocon update! The stories of Boy Toy, Lily, Marlii, Sue, and Sam will continue after this (hopefully daily).



We arrived Thursday, and already the hotel was packed full of furries! I heard that a baseball team and the President of the United States were also nearby, but sadly I saw neither. The rest of my time Thursday was spent hanging out and opening bottles of wine and generally having a good time.


A handsome Nikomaru manning our booth!

Because we got in late Thursday, we didn't have time to set up our table until Friday morning. With five minutes to spare, we had everything set up and ready for the furry rush! There were so many attendees that we had a total of about 20 minutes of downtime the whole day.

After we closed up our table, we took a short rest before starting our Friday tournaments! First up was a small single-elimination booster draft with eight of the most experienced Furoticon players. Deretto and Raishi dominated, and split the final prize of 8 boosters among themselves. Then it was time to get into the main event -- a 24-player sealed-deck event!

And this is just half of the crowd!

24 players were given 5 booster packs each (and unlimited Home Havens) to make a 20-card deck. Congratulations to MageTorment, Crimsonred, and Dillon for remaining undefeated through all 3 rounds!


Imagine Friday's dealer's room, except we didn't get that 20-minute lull, and it went on for two hours longer. I met a whole bunch of new, awesome, and returning Furoticon players, though!

Dragoon, Crion, Delphi, Jeremy, Focslain, Kaotic, Drago, HybridMarine, Rieko, Zarr, Dillon, Endryn, Eiko, Reemas, Fawx, Tsumi, Lucas, Raishi, Deretto, Drex, Gubaguy, Orn, Skitzo Kitty, Bolt, IrishFox, Sasha, Elizabeth, FrostDemn, Garnac Skunk, Zohnar, Tsuneko, Leon Jacques, Ettie, SilverCreep, Radarian -- you guys are all awesome!

Now for some gameplay pics!

Samantha's about to have a bunch of boys join her!

Sue is swinging in the background, but Tsumi's got a harem full of Herms to bring out!

That hand is frightening -- Beastrider, Great Porn Dragon, Boss Gator, Purple Vibrator, Lyscilla's Gift, and Day of Ascension! I've never seen a hand say "I win" as much as that.

Unfortunately, his opponent had nearly the same "I win" attitude. His opponent, at the top, also played a Beastrider, and racked up enough early pleasure that the poor harem at the bottom had to remain on defense the entire match. Even with Day of Ascension, he could only push 24 out of the 25 needed pleasure.

Orn Steamer and Cimsonred won the Saturday sealed tournament, and Crimsonred took the constructed tournament as well!


One last day in the dealer's room, then it was nothing but partying and celebrating a successful release once the dealer's room closed at 4 pm.

Thanks to everyone who has supported Furoticon, and here's to a third year of great strategies, art, stories, and cards!

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