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(Jun 22nd, 2011)
The Big Anthrocon Update!
      by Seppel

Get Cards at Anthrocon!

So I have lots to talk about, but first, let me tell you how you can get cards at Anthrocon! Head to the Dealer's Room on Friday (12p - 6p), Saturday (10a - 6p), or Sunday (10a - 4p), and head to Table F16! Where is Table F16? Take a look at the map:

Our business name is "Seppel Creations." If you see Seppel Creations, then you know you've found Furoticon! Look for our familiar Sukouri banner!

Play Furoticon at Anthrocon!

Now that you have your cards, you can finally play Furoticon! But where can you play? There's a tabletop gaming room, there's the Zoo, and there's your private hotel room. If you play in the Tabletop Gaming room or the Zoo, please, please make sure you play off to the side, and make sure no minors see you playing. Thank you!

If you want to play with a bunch of other Furoticon fans, stop by one of our tournaments or events!

Tournaments and events at Anthrocon!

We have organized play for all Furoticon fans! In the Anthrocon schedule, we are listed as Seppel Creations' Late-night Card Games. Again, if you see Seppel Creations, then you know you've found Furoticon! All events are in the Cambria Room at the Westin!

Free Play - come learn to play, and try a few games!
Friday, 10p - 11:30p
Saturday, 10p - 11:30p

Normal Tournaments - Perfect for new and returning players! You get to keep 50 cards just for signing up, and everyone will win prizes!
Friday, 10:30p: Sealed Tournament ($20 signup; 24 players max)
Saturday, 10:30p: Sealed Tournament ($20 signup; 24 players max)

Advanced Tournaments - Test your skill against experienced players in these single-elimination tournaments!
Friday, 9p: Draft Tournament ($15, 8 players max)
Saturday, 6p: Constructed Tournament ($10, 8 players max)

You must come to the dealer's table to sign up for tournaments! Sign up early because slots tend to fill up fast!

Important Card Spoilers!

I never thought I'd call a card spoiler important, but it's time to finally reveal a new mechanic that you might see while playing!

Yesterday, Samantha talked about the Beastrider. What she failed to mention was that the Beastrider is one of two cards in 2nd Vanilla that have something never before done on a Furoticon card!

What? It's... two genders? How does that work? It's actually quite simple!

You know how a player takes pleasure equal to the Furre's highest PE? Well, a multi-gender Furre takes pleasure equal to the highest PE of its genders!

Let's look at an example:

Now, you may think, "But that means multi-gender Furres are weaker!" But in reality, it opens up a lot of design space for us! Beastrider takes a bit more pleasure than a normal Furre. That's fine, considering shi has a healthy 20 stamina. But even better, look at those skills! Whenever shi swings, shi sics hir chimera on a Furre, giving an automatic 4 pleasure. If that wasn't amazing enough for you, this duo also lets you draw cards for each Furre they bring to orgasm!

Wow. Now if only there was a haven that could give you Herm and Otherkin GP...

How convenient!

Last chance for preorders!

At the end of June 23rd, our big preorder bonus ends! Don't miss out on your exclusive cards!

I hope to see you all at Anthrocon!

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