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(Jun 19th, 2011)
Late-night Phone Call
      by Boy Toy

Oh my goodness! I'm sorry for not updating you all on this sooner, but I was up all night talking with a new friend.

He responded to my personal ad, and he's pretty local. He has a good-paying job at some toy company, and he's pretty nice. He's also pretty naughty!

Art by BlackTeagan

His name is Grizzwald, and he's a tall bear -- a grizzly, I believe. He has a smooth voice, he's interested in the same shows as me, and he took a few physics classes when he was in college! Oh, yeah, he's older than me, but I don't mind. I haven't really been getting along with people my age anyway.

I haven't dated anyone since high school, and both of my dates were girls. I was pretty confused back then!

So, yeah, I'm a little nervous. Especially because of the late-night phone call I had with him. After talking with him for about a half-hour, we got on the topic of sex. I shied up, but he made me continue, so I moved the conversation into my bedroom, away from my roommate Lily.

He has such a deep and commanding voice! I don't remember how it happened, but eventually, he had me nude on my bed... stroking myself.

Art by DrakeMOhkami

I remember exactly what he said: "Don't stop, slut. I want to hear you cum."

Oh, I'm shivering again just by typing this! I'm going to see him on Wednesday.

Wish me luck!

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