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(Jun 17th, 2011)
Boy Toy's Thrust into the Spotlight
      by Seppel

Yesterday, we heard about the Boy Toy life on campus and his first sexual experience in college.

You'll actually be able to find a piece of his campus in 1 out of every 4 booster packs!

And as for his first sexual experience in college? I can guarantee you'll be seeing it often.

Thrust is a basic and necessary action for Males. It helps get rid of little annoying Furres that are staying on defense or the ones that never enter bed at all, like Sweet Sue or Terry!

Or, if your opponent has only 5 stamina left, you can play it and win right away!

You can start thrusting June 24th when 2nd Vanilla is released!

Don't forget to take a peek at our preorder bonus!

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