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(Jun 13th, 2011)
Naughty College Parties
      by Seppel

Yesterday, Marlii wrote back to Lily about the party that happened last Friday night.

Let's review!

Mutual benefits assured, indeed! With Togetherness in play, each player needs to spend only 3 AP to draw a card. If you have two Togethernesses in play, each player needs to spend only 1 AP to draw a card! How is this useful to you if your opponent gets the benefit as well? You draw cards to win. Whether it's by Raise a Tail or finding Lyscilla's Gift, you simply draw cards that will win you the game faster than your opponent. Sneaky!

Even more sneaky is when you're spread and begging:

Who needs to draw cards when you can just pull the one you need out of your deck? Best of all, your opponent doesn't get to see what the card is until you play it!

Now, Marlii mentioned that Lily had run off with some fox guy...

Smother is back! And Lily's bottom is still looking fine!

Misplace means to put a card from a player's black book (deck) onto his/her couch (discard pile). So if Lily smothers Marlii, Marlii will lose half the cards in hir deck! Now shi can't draw tons of cards with hir Togetherness!

2nd Vanilla is released June 24! If you haven't already, preorder your cards now!

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