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(Jun 12th, 2011)
      by Marlii

Seeing you this past Friday was great, Lily! You're right; your dorm suite is ridiculously small!

Still, I had a good time, even if I couldn't meet your new roommate. :(

You did see who I *did* meet, right? You invited hir, so I suppose you would -- that cute ferret exchange student? Turns out shi's got the same surprise under hir skirt that I do! We headed back to hir dorm room after you pretended to get drunk to drag that fox guy into your room -- sorry I left without saying goodbye, but I could tell you weren't coming back out for a while.

Anyway, shi and I spent the rest of the night coming up with new positions. :)

I have to admit that it's always more interesting when you've got more to play with!

Mutual benefits assured.
Art by Neokat

You always inspire such lechery in me; I need to stop thinking about last Friday so I can get to sleep -- I have work in the morning, you know.

You or that boy toy should come visit me in the library this semester! It gets boring in the mornings when all the students are sleeping in. I could use that time to help you study or write papers or -- now I'm all worked up again!

I need it now!
Art by Dare

I'll talk to you later, Lily. I'm going to go take care of some things. ;)

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