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(Jun 10th, 2011)
Introducing Sue and Sam!
      by Seppel

Introducing Sue and Sam!

Yesterday you were able to read about Sue and Samantha as they tried to find a new home. Today, let's talk about them!

Sue and Sam are squirrel sisters who've had ups and downs. Living as an orphan sucks, but life can be carefree and relaxing, as they spend most of their time nude in the woods, only venturing near town when they need a fresh stock of supplies. They've stuck together for years, and nothing can break their sisterly bond.

Sue is very sweet. She's kind, but bratty. She's used to getting what she wants. Her older sister is the only person who can keep her in control. But when Samantha invites trouble, Sue is the first to turn tail and run.

You could chase after her, but she's very quick at climbing trees!

Teasing your opponent from up high in a tree, Sue can exhaust one of your opponent's Furres before they can touch her!

Meanwhile, sour Samantha is down on the ground, doing the dirty work for sweet Sue.

If your opponent happens to bring along a big dom bear with a love of reverse cowgirl anal, Samantha will bring her tight ass up to the plate, but not without stealing something before she goes! While Grizzwald is blissfully enjoying the svelte squirrel riding his thick cock, he's completely unaware that the little troublemaker has run off with his valuable possessions.

Was it worth it?

Grizzwald says yes!

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