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(Jun 6th, 2011)
A snaaaake!
      by Seppel

What happens when your opponent has a heavy Furre defense?

Well, if you control an Otherkin harem, then you'll make sure they can't even enter bed!

D-snake, the snake whose entire body is an erogenous zone, is back and ready to distract your opponents with her appetite for lust! After you swing with your Furres and before your opponent does anything, you pay 2 AP, exhaust D-snake, and say "D-snake will make it so that Furre of yours can't put out."

If your opponent only has one Furre to put out with (and it's been lured away by the D-snake), then congratulations, you've just pleasured your opponent!

Get a D-snake now!

2nd Vanilla premieres June 24th and June 25th at Anthrocon!

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