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(May 29th, 2011)
Triskelion in 2nd Vanilla, Part 3
      by Seppel

I'm back from at Rocket City Fur Meet, so entertain you more (and because Triskelion's Reign part 2 just came out), let's take a look back at what cards we planned to put into 2nd Vanilla from Triskelion!

Heavy Paddle is a more balanced Gift of Knowledge, perfect for being a common card. Gift of Knowledge, however, is never, ever coming back.

Tel Pirra is a perfect standard for good discard mechanics. Shi's balanced, and shi is one of only two 15 stamina Furres at Herm common in the set.

2nd Vanilla preorders begin June 1st!

2nd Vanilla release tournaments are June 24th and June 25th at Anthrocon!

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