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(May 27th, 2011)
Triskelion in 2nd Vanilla, part 2
      by Seppel

I'm out at Rocket City Fur Meet this weekend, so to keep you entertained (and because Triskelion's Reign part 2 just came out), let's take a look back at what cards we planned to put into 2nd Vanilla from Triskelion!

Only 2 out of 14 Herm Furres in 2nd Vanilla are eager. Early to Rise was a perfect card to fill an uncommon slot, capable of giving a strong advantage to a Herm player.

Gen Ketan is a remake of Wild Wolf, without rules that confused new players. Gen Ketan is still dangerous, and thus shi claimed an uncommon slot.

2nd Vanilla preorders begin June 1st!

2nd Vanilla release tournaments are June 24th and June 25th at Anthrocon!

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