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(May 26th, 2011)
Triskelion in 2nd Vanilla
      by Seppel

I'll be out at Rocket City Fur Meet this weekend, so to keep you entertained (and because Triskelion's Reign part 2 is coming out in just a few hours), let's take a look back at what cards we planned to put into 2nd Vanilla from Triskelion!

Skeleton Key was the perfect Treat removal we needed in Male. We needed treat removal at uncommon, not rare, so Can't Enjoy It didn't make it into 2nd Vanilla.

Spiteful Wench is an excellent replacement for Claw-Paw, who we felt could be abused in sealed and draft tournaments. We bumped the wench up to uncommon to reduce the chances of getting multiple copies of her in tournaments.

2nd Vanilla preorders begin June 1st!

2nd Vanilla release tournaments are June 24th and June 25th at Anthrocon!

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