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(May 16th, 2011)
Fan Favorites
      by Seppel

There are some cards that players love. They may fit into only a few niche decks, they may have an unreasonable cost, and they may even have terrible stats. But boy, do our fans love them!

Bootlicker can only fit into a few niche decks that rely on drawing cards to survive, but it's a fun and sexy card:

Bukakke has a completely unreasonable cost, but for an "I win" card, it's merited:

And this girl! She has terrible stats, but with her cheap cost and sneaky skills, she's an excellent early-game play! Give a warm welcome back to the Harem Charmer!

Frigid means she's not into Males. If she goes swinging and Males put out to her, she won't get any pleasure from them. And if only Males are swinging, she won't put out. So be careful, boys!

Misplace 3 means your opponent will have to put the top 3 cards of his or her deck onto her couch. Sneaky for removing potential resources!

So, what's your favorite card? Talk about your favorite card or cards on the forums!

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