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(May 11th, 2011)
We need a larger Field!
      by Seppel

A few days ago, I previewed Field, which is a completely innocent haven with a prancing blue kitty:

Field gives you 2 extra Action Points per turn. That means you get 12 AP instead of the normal 10 AP per turn, which is crucial to playing cards that cost 10 AP. Why? Because if you run out of AP on your turn (and you have no Submissive Furres), you're defenseless on your opponent's turn!

But sometimes 12 AP just isn't good enough. Sometimes you need an even bigger boost!

What's bigger than a Field? Why, Plains, of course!

Plains comes at a bigger cost than Field, but it has two upsides. First, it's two Fields in one, meaning you're only paying for the cost of one card. And second, you'll need less Plains in your deck, meaning you can budget your room for other cards!

Breaking past the 10 AP barrier is important for some decks, and these cards will suit whatever need you may have!


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