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(May 10th, 2011)
An Invitation to Play
      by Seppel

Herms like to play aggressively. They usually try to win as fast as possible. Unfortunately, most Herms are little things that will orgasm quickly. Gen Ketan is a perfect example of this:

Gen Ketan, the rat on top, swings fast and hard. Shi doesn't last long, though. One turn in bed is enough to get hir off.

When your opponent weathers your early swings and comes out on top, then it's time to pull out the big guns!

Inviting Chakat has some impressive stats, comparable to Males! Shi's just very expensive. You can't bring hir out very early, and shi takes up an entire turn just to play hir!

Shi has a skill, though! Shi lures up to 3 Furres into bed! So if your opponent can put out with 3 (or even just 2) Furres, your opponent must do so. Shi's great at orgasming those annoying little Furres that don't like to enter bed. Standard bed rules apply, though, so you'll need to put 2 other Furres into bed with hir if you want to please all 3 Furres that shi Lures!


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