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(May 9th, 2011)
Let's Talk about Males, Part 2
      by Seppel

Last time on Let's Talk about Males, we learned about Males' strengths in Furoticon. Let's review that list again: Males have high stamina. Males produce a lot of GP. Males are good at direct pleasure. Males like to power up your Furres.

Moneymoon exemplified the first and last of those strengths. Today, let's talk about how they can produce a lot of GP.

More specifically, how they can go fishing for any GP that they want, whenever they want:

Yarl loves to peek in and see what's going on behind closed doors. You can either bring out the Voyeur, or you can send him on a peeking mission through your Black Book! Using his skill, you discard him from your hand to find any Home Haven in your deck, which is useful if you need more Male GP or if you have a multi-gender deck and need a different gendered GP!

And if you don't need any GP, you can bring him into play. Even if you're going up against Females and Otherkin, he'll still be there to add to your harem and absorb 15 points of pleasure!


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