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(May 4th, 2011)
Building Multi-Gender Decks
      by Seppel

When you build a Furoticon deck that has more than one gender, your opening hand could be dangerous if it contains, for example, a handful of Male Furres and nothing but Forests (which produce Female GP). Do you play the hand and draw cards, hoping to get your Females or your Moorlands (which produce Male GP)? Or do you mulligan and put all those cards on the bottom of your deck, draw 5 new cards, and hope that you don't get all Females and Moorlands?

These can be tough decisions, but not if you put certain cards in your deck!

Mesa is a Haven that lets you find a Moorlands, Forests, Heights, or Outskirts in your deck at any time. So if you need some Otherkin points, then pop your Mesa and go looking for an Outskirts!

Best of all, Mesa gives you an extra 1 AP on your turn, so if you don't need a Home Haven, you can still play it for the 1 AP boost!


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