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(May 3rd, 2011)
Let's Talk about Males
      by Seppel

Let's talk about Males for a moment.

Males play on offense (opposed to Females on defense, Herms on aggression, and Otherkin on control). They have a lot of strengths. For example, Males have high stamina. Males produce a lot of GP. Males are good at direct pleasure. Males like to power up your Furres.

However, Males like to think only for themselves. Therefore it's only right that the iconic Male-empowering card returns!

Every male you control can take another 5 pleasure before orgasming. When Moneymoon comes into play, the +5 bonus is instant -- not only does every Male Furre you control come into play with +5 max stamina, but all your Males currently in play get the stamina boost, too!

Did I mention that this thing stacks? If you get 3 Moneymoons in play, that's a +15 bonus right there.

Boys are rough!

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