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(May 2nd, 2011)
Designing 2nd Vanilla
      by Seppel

One of the issues we ran into while designing 1st Vanilla was providing a way to display full artwork. In some cases it worked out. In others, it didn't.

Everthrob turned out nicely, but Caught with Pants Down left a bit do be desired. You can barely see the vibrator buzzing away!

So how can we show off sexy bodies vertically? Well, you might've noticed Canine Cockslut from yesterday had a larger art pane than normal. Here's another Furre that benefits from an expanded art box:

Aha, we've found our solution! Now we can show off Jaimee instead of having the text box obscure half of her.

It won't work it every Furre, though. Some just have too many skills to fit in the skill box. Jaimee only has one, but it's a good one: Generous. Normally, all Furres give pleasure in bed at the same time. However, Generous means Jaimee gives pleasure in bed first! So if opposing Furres orgasm from her pleasure, they won't give any back to her, helping her last longer in your harem!

If a Generous Furre goes up against another Generous Furre, they'll both give pleasure at the same time. Then any other remaining Furres will get their turn.

Special thanks to Marik, graphic designer and developer, for his hard work on the card template!


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