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(May 1st, 2011)
From 1st Vanilla to 2nd Vanilla
      by Seppel

What would 1st Vanilla look like if we had more time to work on it back in 2008? Why, that would be 2nd Vanilla!

1st Vanilla was hardly a perfect set. There were a few cards that were somewhat overpowered, and some others that were just terrible. If you opened a 1st Vanilla booster pack and got an Urban Sprawl as your rare, you probably groaned. Not only is it a frighteningly expensive card that requires an investment of over 20 AP (including Haven costs) to give 3 pleasure, but Red Vibrator was in the same set, and it gave 3 pleasure for less than half the cost of Urban Sprawl! And Red Vibrator can be found in the Male starter deck! That was a major goof on our part.

Oops. And we forgot the heart icon on Red Vibrator.

On the opposite spectrum, we had overpowered cards, like, um...

Oh, hi there.

Yeah. Blame narcissism or an oversight in playtesting, but Seppel is just way too good. Extra Generous, for those curious, means that he gives pleasure in bed twice. So double his PEs, and you'll start to see a problem.

He wouldn't be so bad at 10 stamina, or even 15 stamina, but at 30 stamina, he's absolutely bonkers.

And that's why Seppel is not returning for 2nd Vanilla.

Goodbye, baby.

1st Vanilla had its flubs, but most cards were great examples of what we like to see in Furoticon, and I'd like to share two of them with you today!

Terry is a very straightforward Furre. For those who are uninitiated to Furoticon, the number in the upper right is the AP (Action Point) cost to play Terry, and the symbols below that are the GP (Gender Point) cost to play him. So he costs 3 AP and 2 Otherkin GP to play. Each turn, you get 10 AP and 0 GP. You can get more AP and GP from Haven cards.

Now look down and to the left at the number next to the heart icon. That's Terry's stamina -- he can take 5 pleasure before he orgasms. When he orgasms, he leaves play and goes to your couch (discard pile). The four numbers below that are his PEs (Pleasuring Experience). They show how well he can pleasure other Furres in the game when he enters bed. He gives 6 pleasure to Males and Females, and 4 pleasure to Hermaphrodites and Otherkin (Otherkin are exotic species and genders. For example, Terry is transgendered).

To the right of his stats is his skill box, and he has the ability to distract other Furres from giving pleasure. At any time, you can make any Furre lose 3 points to one of its four PEs for a turn, provided you spend 1 AP and 1 Otherkin point and exhaust him. To exhaust a Furre, just turn it sideways to show that it can't do anything else. Don't worry, you can refresh (opposite of exhaust) all your Furres at the beginning of your turn to use him again.

Terry won't last long in bed with only 5 stamina, but then again, he does his best work when he's not in bed.

And that's today's preview of 2nd Vanilla... wait, I promised you two cards?

Let's see... ah, I know!

Canine Cockslut is another sleek design. Shi's specialized in the art of satisfying the cock to the point that in a room full of men, shi'll take on one after another.

Shi has the special ability Tantric, or more specifically, Tantric with Males only, which means that any pleasure she gives to a Male Furre is added to her stamina. To recover, shi has to have at least 1 stamina left after playing in bed. If another Furre brings her to 0 stamina, shi'll immediately orgasm without being Tantric.

Her drawback? She has absolutely no idea what to do when confronted with a lady -- shi is unable to give any pleasure to Females, but they can still pleasure hir!

And now that's today's preview of 2nd Vanilla.

Check back regularly for new and returning cards!

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