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(Apr 28th, 2011)
2nd Vanilla Spoiler Season Starts May 1!
      by Seppel

I have two things to announce today!

First off, 2nd Vanilla spoiler season starts May 1. That's only three days away, so get ready for the first of many card and story previews!

Second, I was informed by Dragoneer that the Furoticon ad displayed on Fur Affinity is the first ad on FA to reach 50,000 unique clicks! Not only have we set a new record, but it also means that at least 50,000 people know about Furoticon! Wow!

See you in three days!

Spoiler season begins May 1!

2nd Vanilla is the third and newest Furoticon card set, featuring at least 132 cards!

* 2nd Vanilla spoiler season begins: May 1, 2011.
* 2nd Vanilla preorders begin: June 1, 2011.
* 2nd Vanilla release date: June 24, 2011.

Release events will be held at Anthrocon in Pittsburgh, PA. Click the event on the sidebar for more information about Anthrocon.

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