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(Jul 25th, 2018)
Furoticon College Adventure: 80% off forever!
      by Seppel

In Furoticon: College Adventures you play as Sebastian and Strawberry in a quest for sex and salvation. This game is big, and it normally takes months to 100% complete all the sexy fun.

Furoticon: College Adventures is live!

Because it's a big game, there are some special items in Sebastian's Dorm or Strawberry's Library that allow you to skip straight to the good parts! And now you can get those items for 80% off, forever!

Also, we've created complete walkthrough guides for both Sebastian's Adventure and Strawberry's Adventure!

So now there's every reason to get into the adventure and play every day!

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LadySikerra on Jul 27th, 2018 @ 01:20 PM
You are not kidding about it taking months to complete! It took me forever to do both parts, and I still feel like there's some stuff I'm missing. I'm not in a rush to play through it again, but it's nice to know that when/if I do pick it back up, there's a discount on items AND a walkthrough.

Nezumi12 on Jul 26th, 2018 @ 09:13 PM
woot! a walkthrough.
for some reason, i seem to have missed something important. kept trying to figure out what went wrong and didn't want to start over from scratch.

ezekiel_tyr on Jul 26th, 2018 @ 08:10 AM
strawberry for the win

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