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(Apr 5th, 2011)
Lyscilla's Gift and Polite Refusal
      by Seppel

"What is it?" Bryn asked, turning around.

There was a figure on the Goan's doorstep, bent-over on its knees. Though deep enough into the recess of stone to be cast in shadow, Bryn could make out that it was definitely a person.

"Hey," he called out, walking up to the huddled figure. As he got closer, he could make out that it was a black rabbit, with ears drooped over its shoulders, and that it was tied up in a thick band of ribbon.


"We saw one of those ladies, too," Sukouri said, her green eyes wide with excitement. "Tell them, Leavan! We went on a walk this morning around the campus and saw a white cat lady being led into the front house. She was tied up too, but I didn't notice if she was naked."

"Oh, she was totally naked," Leavan chortled, throwing his head back.

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