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(Apr 1st, 2011)
Thanks to everyone who helped out!
      by Seppel

Thank you!
This is a big thank you from everyone here to everyone who purchased a big bundle! We've made enough to be able to pay the printer for 2nd Vanilla, so everything's still on schedule!

2nd Vanilla Schedule
May 1: Spoiler season begins
June 1: Preorders begin
June 24: 2nd Vanilla release!

Triskelion's Reign Update
Caliista should be done with Part 2 by the end of April. We will be sending out a free PDF copy of parts 1 and 2 to everyone who ordered the novel, whether it's physical or digital! In part 2, Sukouri meets Sari, Jak, Glisten, and many more colorful characters on her adventures, while Bryn, Leavan, and Jamlin try to make things work with Lyscilla in town.

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