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(Nov 23rd, 2017)
Adventurers don't get exhausted! Two new card previews!
      by Seppel

Adventurers work at a nonstop pace! Dilveen shows us how it's done.


As a member of a parcel service, Dilveen knows you can't take a break for long. As an apprentice adventurer, she becomes Tireless at level 2, which means swinging doesn't exhaust her.

But that's not all! At level 3, she'll refresh another Furre to make sure you have plenty of defense!

With all the bedroom tricks flying around, it's easy to be caught off guard. Being Tireless can help with that, but sometimes you'll find your entire party exhausted anyway.

For that, it's time for an Encore!


Refresh target Furre, and draw a card! Easy enough, right?

Well, there's something else that makes this card even better -- it costs 0 AP! You can appear totally defenseless to your opponent, then SURPRISE, you were faking that exhaustion the entire time!


Apprentice Dilveen and Encore can be found in Sikaah's deck from the Sikaah vs. Kuushik deckbox!

We've got plenty more cards to preview every day, and it just keeps getting hotter!

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LadySikerra on Nov 27th, 2017 @ 06:15 PM
Gotta love Encore, with its literal no cost.

cuddles on Nov 24th, 2017 @ 07:30 PM
Not to long until Climax 2 is released. Can't wait to play with these cards.

Nezumi12 on Nov 24th, 2017 @ 12:31 AM
well, i see two cards i'm going to want in my female deck.

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