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(Nov 9th, 2017)
Lady Ahla's elegant tricks! Two new card previews!
      by Seppel

Today, let's look at the ways that Lady Ahla's deck can trounce the competition!


At first glance, it may seem like Lady Vitelle's Haughty Retort does very little, but against Pouncers, it's unbelievable! Let's see how this works:

-> Haughty Retort is a surprise. That means you can play it at any time, even on your opponent's turn.

-> Suppose your opponent plays a Pouncing Furre. In response, you play Haughty Retort on the Pouncing Furre.

-> At the end of your opponent's turn, the Pouncing Furre should return to your opponent's hand, but Haughty Retort redirects the Pouncing Furre out of the game, permanently!

-> On top of that, Haughty Retort sticks to ANOTHER Furre after dismissing the first one! You can even place it on one of your own Furres to enable their Elegance!

Practically any Furre whose strategy is to be returned to your opponent's hand is denied by a single Haughty Retort!

You still have to draw the Haughty Retort, though. But... wouldn't it be great if you could just browse through your deck until you found it?

The Vel'Jid Bordello lets you do just that!


Not only does the Vel'Jid Bordello give you access to Male and Female GP, it lets you draw your next Alteration card!

Simply spend 7 AP and exhaust the bordello, then flip up cards from your deck until you find an Alteration card, like Haughty Retort! Put it into your hand and shuffle the rest into your deck.


Haughty Retort and Vel'Jid Bordello can be found in Lady Ahla's deck from the Lady Ahla vs. Talgurin deckbox!

We've got plenty more cards to preview every day, and it just keeps getting hotter!

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Nezumi12 on Nov 11th, 2017 @ 12:15 AM
as great as Haughty Retort will be against Pounce, it's also a nice tool against decks that return cards from the couch to the black book

LadySikerra on Nov 10th, 2017 @ 05:41 AM
The art on Vel'Jid Bordello is great. Looks like a real happenin' place, lol.

cuddles on Nov 9th, 2017 @ 05:23 PM
Haughty Retort is also great for stopping furres that are multi-orgasmic.

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