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(Oct 31st, 2017)
Lady Ahla's Adventure, Part 15! [Epilogue, Deckbox Previews!]
      by Seppel

-> Epilogue

Lord Laint worked with the other two advisors to outline a new three-guild system. He worked diligently in designating powers between the three guilds so that each had equal power to run the city. Over the years, he expanded the outer farmland all the way to the western shore, sustaining Di'Ahla's growth for centuries.

Lady Vitelle achieved her life goal of being number one. She ran Di'Ahla's industry like clockwork and ensured fairness between Houses and Families. She popularized the Erotic Arts, which spread to the other guilds, and led Di'Ahla to an era of class, grace, and elegance.

Ahrune wasn't too badly injured by Paige, but he still took the next day off work, embarrassed to be beaten by someone half his size. He served as a guard of Di'Ahla for many years, retiring early, after a humiliating incident with a thorny shrub.

Lady Ahla was escorted to her quarters, where she packed her belongings. There were no issues surrounding her retreat from Di'Oro. She was stowed away at a rendezvous point in the jungle, where she met privately with Lady Avila. They talked about what had happened in her absence. Lady Avila secretly blamed herself, but she chose not to reveal that her diplomacy mission was a direct response to Lady Vitelle attempting to recruit her for the coup. In the years that followed, Lady Avila visited seasonally, keeping Lady Ahla updated on the success of the city, now known as Di'Ahla.

Talgurin cleared Vitelle and Laint of all suspicion. He bade Lady Ahla a fond goodbye, and continued out his service for a few weeks while Lord Laint, Lady Vitelle, and Lady Avila carefully orchestrated an exchange of power. Talgurin penned a decree of Di'Ahla, exiling himself, and signed it as Lady Ahla. He met up with Ahla, and they began their new life together, settling on the edge of the jungle, near an earthy crater. They named their tiny bungalow Algurin, in name of Talgurin, as a complement to Di'Ahla.

Paige disapeared from Di'Ahla soon after Talgurin's exile, to live with Talgurin and Ahla. They lived a peaceful life as a trio of partners. Paige's ambition led to many heroic jungle adventures, turning Algurin into a noteworthy and welcome alternative to Di'Ahla for outsiders.

The rest is history.

The End

* * *


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JavelinChimera on Nov 6th, 2017 @ 02:25 AM
Nice, these boxes look great. Can't wait to have this endcap for the collection.

LadySikerra on Nov 2nd, 2017 @ 03:05 PM
Wow, I can't believe this story is over. These have kept me riveted for weeks! And what a great way to lead into the preorders. I am seriously tempted!

ezekiel_tyr on Nov 1st, 2017 @ 02:34 PM
oh the temptation for the pree orders is real

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