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(Oct 31st, 2017)
Lady Ahla's Adventure, Part 14!
      by Seppel

-> Be Lady Ahla.

You are now Lady Ahla again.

Today began as any other day. This morning you were managing your city, Di'Oro. This afternoon you were having carefree sex with your lover, Captain Talgurin, a love that is forbidden based on class hierarchy. This evening, things went from curious to frightening in a dramatically short time, separated only by a lovely massage by Lady Vitelle.

Then you were interrupted. Seneschal Paige brought Lord Laint into the room with you, and detained him and Lady Vitelle. Then Paige swapped out with Talgurin, and it sounded like Lieutenant Ahrune was determined to arrest you.

None of that even remotely makes sense to you. You need answers.

: "Talgurin, what is going on?"

: "I was approached by Lieutenant Ahrune just before I got here. He said he overheard Lord Laint and Lady Vitelle talking about our love life. He asked if it was true -- about us. And I... thought I could get him to understand."

: "You what?! You told him? How could you!"

: "I didn't believe he would overreact, my love."

: "He follows my grandmother's rules to the letter of the law! How on earth could you...?"

: "We shouldn't have to be so damn secretive!"

: "Talgurin can't be trusted, Lady Ahla. He's putting you in danger every day. He'd parade you outside on the streets if he could. He even just said-"

: "Vitelle!"

: "Well it's true."

: "Talgurin...?"

: "What I would and wouldn't enjoy in our personal time is not the point of this conversation."

: "My, my!"

: "Ahrune approached me because he said he overheard these two advisors conspiring against you!"

: "You were conspiring?"

: "Heavens no! Lady Ahla, I feel closer to you than ever before. As your friend, there's no reason at all for me to betray you, least of all with this twit."

: "Charming as ever."

: "I see. But... you mentioned that you were meeting a client, Vitelle. Your massage lasted practically an hour and nobody showed up."

: "I..."

: "At the risk of embarrassing myself further, I'll step forward."

: "You?"

: "I'm sure by now everyone knows where my preferences lie. Vitelle's too. And they do not match in the slightest. But, I was curious about the Erotic Arts that Vitelle has so elegantly studied. And who better to learn from than the master herself?"

: "But why were you talking about my relationship with Talgurin?"

: "It was merely a topic of conversation. Vitelle is very good at holding an audience, despite how she may believe otherewise."

: "Hmph."

: "We were concerned for your ability to maintain your position, my Lady. It must be exhausting acting as a figurehead so often."

: "And contracts. All the contracts."

: "Yes. And missions of diplomacy, judicial matters, industry, farmlands..."

: "It is tough. But I can't just stop caring for my city, can I?"

: "I'm afraid Talgurin's already made that decision for you."

: "I didn't-"

: "But you did!"

: "Laint and Vitelle are right: I can't trust you any more, Talgurin."

: "Lady Ahla, please..."

: "You're dismissed from your position as captain of the guard."

: "..."

You shiver. Your emotions are weathered. How can he just look at you like that and say nothing?

You can't take it.

You're done with him.

: "And we're... we're through!"

: "Lady Ahla, you can't mean that!"

: "How could you ever think that I don't? You betrayed my trust when you told Ahrune about us."

: "She's right, Talgurin. You risk us all being imprisoned or exiled for being complicit in your tryst."

: "My heart is breaking, Lady Ahla."

: "And you think mine isn't?!"

: "We can find a way past this!"

: "How? Why do you even think I want to?"

: "I was put on the spot by Ahrune. I froze. He clearly knew about us from overhearing Lord Laint and Lady Vitelle! I thought against digging a hole of lies. I love you, Lady Ahla, and may one mistake not be the end of it all."

He's right.

It was one mistake.

: "It was a huge mistake. But..."

But your conclusion was hasty.

You calm down as best you can.

He means well for you. You feel it in his voice as it resonates in your head.

: "I... I love you, too, Talgurin..."

: "Exile him, Lady Ahla, it's the only way to save your skin."

: "Mm, there could be another way."

: "What are you saying? She's this close from-"

: "Would it not be a better arrangement for these two lovebirds to remain together?"

: "What's your point?"

: "The law doesn't exactly apply outside our walls."

: "Are you suggesting...?"

: "Exile yourself, Lady Ahla, with Talgurin. You've cared for your city as best you can. It's gorgeous because of you. And as much as it pains me to see you go, we can manage it by ourselves."

: "I'm not sure I would want to live away from Talgurin. We would have to go together. But... I fear our people could lose hope if they hear I'm exiled!"

: "Then don't exile yourself. Just leave in secret. We can hold some big announcement that you've fallen ill, and-"

: "And we can immortalize all the hope and trust you stand for by renaming our city to Di'Ahla."

: "Can we do that?"

: "I don't see why not. Di'Oro was intended in the first place to be a temporary name, to simply help those searching for the legendary Lady Oro, may she rest in peace."

: "Laint, Avila, and I will manage the high guild. And Paige can be the captain of the guard."

: "I suspect Paige would join us... but really, you would have us leave this city forever?"

: "We will, of course, send care packages. You wouldn't be on your own. In fact, you'd finally be free."

: "Eh heh... I guess I would? A life in the wilderness, free to travel as we please."

: "You would go with me? After the pain I've caused you?"

: "I can think of a hundred things worse than being with you."

You step toward Talgurin and embrace him in a hug. You've held back tears throughout this entire conversation, but as Talgurin holds you tightly, they flow.

: "Is this really our future? Are we going through with this?"

: "If it means staying with you, yes."

: "Laint, Vitelle... how are you going to decide who's on top in my absence?"

: "We'll definitely discuss it with Lady Avila when she returns."

: "Oh no, Avila... I'll miss her."

: "She'll obviously visit you, wherever you decide to go."

: "Ahaha... that's true."

: "If this is a true goodbye, there's still the matter of hiding Lady Ahla."

: "Well, our Lady is supposed to be falling ill, right? I'll escort an ailing Lady out to her bodyguard."

: "Let me join you. It will add validity that I've done the right thing, in Ahrune's eyes. Let's be quick about it, Paige may still be in danger."

: "What do I do?"

: "I may have told Paige you were a suspected criminal. Remain here and hopefully I'll be able to return with Paige for a soft investigation; we'll clear you of any wrongdoing."

: "Good. I'm glad you're doing what's right."

: "I'm so nervous about this."

: "You're welcome to faint in my arms, my Lady."

You giggle. You've clearly not had enough time to let this all sink in. Your life is about to change dramatically in the next 24 hours. For better? For worse? You can't tell. But you remain hopeful, just as you inspired hope in all of Di'Oro.

Or, perhaps, Di'Ahla.

It feels like everything is going to work out.

-> Epilogue

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LadySikerra on Nov 2nd, 2017 @ 03:01 PM
Man, this one was a real roller coaster. I don't know how to feel!

Nezumi12 on Nov 1st, 2017 @ 12:04 AM
not exactly looking forward to the end of the story.
been a fan of Furoticon for years. kinda sad to see it go...

cuddles on Oct 31st, 2017 @ 03:31 PM
So lying to Lieutenant Ahrune would have given us a better ending? Move to epilogue.

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