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(Oct 30th, 2017)
Lady Ahla's Adventure, Part 13!
      by Seppel

-> Paige, open doors like a HERO.

This was... not what you were expecting. At all.

You see naked bodies in almost every room you investigate.

Your eyes. Your poor eyes.

But you must persevere. A true HERO doesn't give up in the face of adversity!

Adversity, however, appears to be mocking you. You open one door and find Lord Laint squirming on the floor, making his way out of intricately tied ropes, wearing nothing underneath.

: "Lord Laint, I've been ordered to... detain you."

: "Ah, so we've been found out. Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere."

: "Okay, well... you stay put."

: "Of course, seneschal."

You step out of the room and take a moment to recompose yourself. What in the world is going on?

No matter. There's still Vitelle to find!

You resume HERO MODE and search rooms until you find the one containing Lady Vitelle.

And next to her, Lady Ahla, in a state of undress. You avert your eyes as Lady Vitelle helps Lady Ahla back into her robe and mask.

: "What are you doing here?!"

: "Oh no, I'm so sorry, Lady Ahla! I didn't mean to... see you..."

: "My apologies as well, seneschal. Lady Vitelle was simply giving me a massage. What appears to be the trouble?"

: "A massage? But... I'm so confused."

: "I suggest you leave, so we may be decent on our return to our quarters."

: "What? No. No! Lady Vitelle, step aside."

: "Are you ordering me around? I said, begone."

: "Vitelle, please..."

: "No, Lady Vitelle. You are being detained. Step away from Lady Ahla, and..."

You peer into the hallway. You see Lord Laint, freed from his bindings and adjusting his robe. You wave to him.

: "Over here! We're in here!"

: "Thank you, kindly."

Lord Laint enters the room without a fuss. He bows to Lady Ahla and sneers at Lady Vitelle.

: "Stand over by Lady Vitelle, away from Lady Ahla."

: "As you wish."

: "Laint! What is going on?"

: "My Lady..."

: "Quiet. No talking! Only I talk."

: "At least tell us what this is all about."

: "Yes, please, seneschal. You're worrying me."

: "I'm sorry! I don't mean to! We just need to wait for Talgurin!"

: "For Talgurin...?"

Lord Laint and Lady Vitelle exchange an excessive number of glances and scowls.

At last, you hear Talgurin calling out from the hallway.

: "Lady Ahla! Paige!"

: "In here! Hey! Captain!"

Talgurin finds you and enters the room, surprised to see that you've rounded up everyone already.

: "Good work, Paige."

: "I got them away from Lady Ahla. They're detained!"

: "Yes, Captain, I'm certainly detained."

: "..."

: "Talgurin...?"

: "Paige, your work isn't over yet. I need you to keep Lieutenant Ahrune away from this room for as long as you can. Please, protect us."

: "I..."

You worry for your Captain. You can tell he's hiding the full story, but your trust doesn't fade. He wouldn't be acting this way unless it were for the good of everyone! You just hope this isn't the last time you'll see him, but something in your gut says otherwise.

It hurts. You want to stay by his side.

But you tell yourself that now is not the time to talk of feelings. This is an emergency.

: "Yes sir. My loyalty is forever to you."

: "Talgurin!"

: "I'm sorry, Lady Ahla, let me explain."

You step outside and close the door. You feel like crying, but no tears come. Your heart pounds in your chest as you run towards the entrance. You step outside into the moonlight. The evening breeze is warm on your fur and feathers.

You see Ahrune approaching. He looks absolutely enraged.

You shiver nervously. He's sturdy, built like a brick house, and twice as large as you.

: "Let me pass, seneschal. You don't need to be involved with this!"

: "I... I can't! I won't let you!"

: "Move!"

: "No!"

He growls and closes the gap between you.

You're committed to your Captain; you'll protect Lady Ahla to all ends. The future of Di'Oro is in your hands.

You will not let Ahrune pass.

And if he thinks you'll just roll over, well, he's got another thing coming!

You're the hero.


-> Be Lady Ahla.

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LadySikerra on Nov 2nd, 2017 @ 02:54 PM
Dun dun dun! Though I'm mighty nervous for Paige after this cliffhanger...

ezekiel_tyr on Oct 31st, 2017 @ 01:36 PM
suspense make it more worth while yes

Nezumi12 on Oct 30th, 2017 @ 09:40 PM
i HATE cliffhangers. :(

oh well, gives me something to look forward to, doesn't it? :)

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