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(Oct 27th, 2017)
Lady Ahla's Adventure, Part 8!
      by Seppel

-> Lady Vitelle, visit with Laint.

You've got Laint's attention, you think. Regardless, he isn't going anywhere without your help.

: "So, this elegant knot you have me in. Does it have a name?"

: "This is the Silk Karada. Already you should feel the sensations coming from the pressure points on your body. In addition, you should be restrained yet comfortable. You are a canvas."

: "Mmm, that I am, miss Vitelle. That I am."

: "I'm going to use the claws now. It won't hurt."

: "You have my most sincere trust."

You roll your eyes. In your eyes, nobody should ever trust you. Laint is such a fool.

Maybe he doesn't trust you?

Whatever. It's too late to change plans.

You remove your robe and slip on your clawed gloves. You run your hands gently through his fur, in betweeen the individual ropes of the harness you've made. You start at his back and neck, then his sides. His chest, his nipples. You watch his reaction. His eyes are closed. He seems relaxed, focused intently on your work. After a few minutes of work from neck to calf, you break his meditation with conversation. He frowns.

: "Now, about Lady Ahla."

: "Oh, already? I was enjoying this."

: "Good. Perhaps you'll come around to the idea of practicing art instead of savagery."

: "But some of my best partners are savages. I would lament parting with them."

: "No, no, you're not going to distract me. You're not going to have me pity you."

: "You're correct, Vitelle. I'm the one tied up, after all. Please continue."

: "Lady Ahla is risking all of Di'Oro on her stupid tryst. And we're complicit. One peep and we're gone."

: "I admit we're tossing a blanket over a volcano. But what do we do? Even if we somehow maintain our positions, without a Lady or a Captain, Di'Oro will plunge into chaos. You may not have been around for it, but prior to the High Guild-"

: "Yes, you don't need to teach me about power struggles. I don't think you can even begin to understand what I've been through."

: "My apologies. You have indeed had a life incomprehensible to me. Please continue."

: "You'd see yourself as a far better figurehead than Lady Ahla, would you not?"

: "Oho, guilty as charged."

: "She hasn't chosen a suitor. She had no child. If she's removed from office, it would be one of us to replace her."

: "In this purely hypothetical situation, it would ultimately be the court's decision, but I don't see why it wouldn't be one of us. But miss Vitelle, are you suggesting you would be overjoyed to serve under me."

: "Absolutely not! You..."

: "Ah ha! So you become queen, and I dote on you. As thrilling as that sounds, I respectfully decline. Surely that wasn't your endgame?"

: "..."

: "It was! Oh, it was! That's so precious."

: "Do you want a change to this monarchy or do you not?"

: "I do, but... Mmm... You may be going about the change in the wrong way."

: "You don't want Lady Ahla out?"

: "I do, I do. But... perhaps the endgame isn't a monarchy."

: "Anarchy?"

: "No, no! Vitelle, please. A triumvirate."

: "All three of us...?"

: "Yes, at the top of the High Guild. I to the land, you to the business, and Avila to the courts."

: "If I'm going to rule with you, I want my own High Guild, with my name on it."

: "Fine, fine, in appearance, however you please. In your domain, you will be the supreme queen. In Di'Oro, I keep you in check, and you keep me in check. Same with Avila."

: "And you would accept this arrangement?"

: "And you would accept it?"

: "Fine. So we expose the Lady's tryst with Captain Talgurin, then we step in as she steps out."

: "Why not just talk to her about designating a separation of powers?"

: "..."

: "Ah. You crave the victory. I can't blame you. But please, let's try my way first."

: "Shit!"

: "What?"

: "The door's open!"

: "Why is the door open?! Did you see...?"

: "Yes, get out! Get out! Don't let anyone else see us together!"

You throw Laint's robe over his shoulders and push him hobbling out of the room, closing the door as fast as you can. You rush to take a seat, your heart racing, hoping to act innocent if anyone shows up.

How did the door open?!

How much did Ahrune see?!

Oh no. Someone's opening the door again.


It's Lady Ahla.

Now what?

-> Be future Vitelle.

-> Be present Talgurin.

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ezekiel_tyr on Oct 31st, 2017 @ 01:32 PM
dang would have still voted on the future but on with the story

Nezumi12 on Oct 28th, 2017 @ 10:30 PM
so, the third option, "Site Glitch" won the most votes XD
but seriously, this would make an awesome "Choose Your Own Adventure" book. i used to love those. had about 20 of the D&D ones when i was a kid...
gods, i'm old...

Seppel on Oct 28th, 2017 @ 05:59 AM
So enough people haven't been able to vote due to the inconsistency in comments being able to be posted, so for this round of voting, I'll play out both options with no penalty to time or knowledge.

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