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(Oct 25th, 2017)
Lady Ahla's Adventure, Part 6!
      by Seppel

-> Be Past Lady Vitelle.

Your name is LADY VITELLE, of DI'ORO.

While you live an elite life by CRAFTING DEALS and PRACTICING THE EROTIC ARTS, it wasn't always like this.

You used to live in PANAWAY, before the TERRIBLE CALAMITY. You came from a family of skilled textile workers, and as such, you mastered WEAVING, KNITTING, and FELTING at an early age. You dabbled in advanced DRESSMAKING and TAILORING, but ultimately your studies were cut short during the MAGIC WAR. As supporters of craft, your family sided with the constructs, and aided them in their fights. It became a life fearful of conductors.

One day, amidst constant fighting throughout Panaway, you watched as your father loaded a small cart of food, water, books, and materials. He approached you and told you to take it far, far away into the jungle, and to travel until you found a settlement. You reluctantly agreed. You were ten years old, and that was the last day you ever saw your family and friends.

You eventually arrived at the settlement of Di'Oro, more tired than ever. You were given shelter, but you didn't sleep well that night. The next morning was worse, as your attempt to integrate into a budding society was emotionally draining. With no sign of your family reuniting, you retreated into your own head.

You lived in a shelter with many other orphans. Life was sad and miserable. You ate to get by. You did tasks as they were assigned to you, but it was a directionless existence. For weeks, you failed to make any friends.

As survival became normalized, a primitive coinage went into circulation. The spark of societal merit was born, and so was your creativity ignited. From out of nowhere, a new sense of motivation overpowered your hopelessness.

One day, you were assigned for fishing and food preparation. Instead of heading to the river, however, you struck a bargain with a fellow orphan to take on your duties in exchange for two coins. When the fish were prepared and ready for distribution, you wrapped up your transaction. Then you delivered the fish to the orphanage, stowing away the excess. Finally, you traveled door to door and sold the excess prepared fish for a total of seven coins. A five coin profit!

This continued until you let another "friend" in on the deal. She would pay you five coins for the fish, and turn around and sell them for approximately seven coins each time. You suddenly had a system where you were earning three coins for almost no work at all!

Soon you were working deals left and right, growing more and more in charge of chore assignments. You ran the orphanage like a business. Everyone profited, yet you crafted a system where you profited the most for the least amount of effort. It wasn't easy, and you mediated constant fights and disputes that were spattered throughout your days. Still, you had time in the day to return to your craft, refine skills, and read more.

Selling the clothing you crafted became another avenue of income for you, though it remained much a hobby until you could find and afford higher quality materials. You did, in time, manage to train a few apprentices to create the articles of clothing in highest demand.

In the two years it took you to transform the orphanage into a successful business, you made a lot of money. The one thing you didn't make, though, was a friend. There was nobody your age who could talk to you on your level.

As the judicial system matured, you came under scrutiny. None could believe that your incredible wealth was your own. It's possible that your callous attitude had something to do with it, but your riches were assumed to be stolen, and were to be confiscated by the treasury. That would have been the end of everything for you, had it not been for a lynx named Avila, around your age, who proposed a test: given the raw materials, craft a dress designed by Avila herself.

You have no idea how Avila was able to tolerate you. Thinking back on it, you don't believe she should have ever given you a chance, but in those few hours together, you bonded. You talked through her order, procured the materials, and then worked under supervision to make the best product imaginable. Avila loved her new dress, and your tale of success earned you a position in the High Guild. You were given your first real opportunities to craft beautiful clothing and serve as an intern for business affairs. Though you had reached the top, you were now at the bottom of a new, elite ladder.

Climbing just comes naturally to you. Within a few years you learned all you could of High Guild affairs, and you gained an official role: Accountant of Contractual Affairs. It was then that you met Laint, son of the farmers' department head in the High Guild. The social caste of Houses and Families was in its infancy, and you worked alongside Laint's father and a cardinal named Maddox Goan to manage the business side of House estate development within the white walls of Di'Oro.

In time, the trio of you, Laint, and Avila reached top positions in the High Guild by your early twenties. You began directly advising the Lady of Di'Oro. It was thrilling and engaging, and she gave you permission to work deals as you saw fit.

With such freedom, your hobbies expanded into the erotic arts. In the High Guild, there were two schools of thought when it came to sex: "fuck as you please," and "practice the art." You saw the former as pointless, and the latter as a goal of higher education. Eventually, you became one of the foremost teachers of the art, and learned how to leverage it to turn city drafts into signed contracts.

But there were no more ladders to climb. You were at the top of the top, and the only one higher than you was the Lady herself. The monarchy line, however, stated that the granddaughter Ahla would be next in line for that position. You met with Lady-to-be Ahla numerous times at her grandmother's side. They were both genuinely interested in the success of the city, and you helped orchestrate more than they could ever imagine.

When the old Lady died, you were sad. You had a hard time adjusting to the new Lady Ahla. It was an uphill effort, but you soon became friends, and you wished for her success. But in the back of your head, there's always the feeling that you're the one on top; she's merely a figurehead, and an irresponsible one at that.

Would you really seek to usurp her? And on the other side of the coin, are you just supposed to stop climbing when you're one rung from the top?

You're torn. Especially considering the risk Lady Ahla poses to the security of your positions, considering her illegitimate tryst with Captain Talgurin.

You don't know what to do. You don't know what's morally right. Is there another option? You want to run your thoughts by someone.

The Vel'Jid Bordello is an unofficial neutral ground in the High Guild, where it's believed politics take a rest and the elites can act and speak as they please.

And that's why you're here.

And that's why Laint's here.

What now?

-> Visit with Laint.

-> Be future Lady Vitelle.

-> Be present Talgurin.

Vote in the comments section below. The most voted option will determine what happens!

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ezekiel_tyr on Oct 31st, 2017 @ 01:29 PM
well a bit late on this gone for 6 days and look at all the catching up butmyself would have gone with the future

Nezumi12 on Oct 28th, 2017 @ 10:15 PM
i may have missed the vote, but i'm glad i got to learn more about the trio

Seppel on Oct 26th, 2017 @ 04:26 PM
Voting closed!
Visit with Laint: 3 (first)
Be present Talgurin: 3
Be future Vitelle: 2

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