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(Oct 24th, 2017)
Lady Ahla's Adventure, Part 5!
      by Seppel

-> Lady Ahla, enter the private room.

You enter cautiously, and you see Lady Vitelle seated at a table, looking cautiously back at you. The gloves she affectionately calls her claws rest on the table. There's no evidence that anyone else is or was here, save for a familiar blue mask hanging on a hook. You enter, close the door, and take a seat.

: "Lady Vitelle. Did you see Lieutenant Ahrune?"

: "Why yes, he was barging in on me. I have no earthly idea why he was naked as the day he was born, though."

: "Is this a frequent occurrence?"

: "I invited him in once before. Allowed him to stroke himself off as I worked on a client who was comfortable with that arrangement. It was harmless, but definitely not something I would love to do again. Ahrune is dreadfully boring. He was probably hoping to pleasure himself while I performed again. But as you can see, it's just me, waiting for a client."

: "Then...why lead him on?"

: "Lady Ahla, if it were up to me, ..I'd be the one able to bark orders left and right and have everyone do my bidding. But that is a power only you have."

: "What? It's not like I had a choice in that! And what does that have to do with Ahrune?"

: "Relax, my Lady. What I'm saying is that I'm not going to burn a perfectly good bridge! Suppose I need a favor, and that slab of muscle is the only thing between me and a contract with the Zell family? You know how badly our textile industry needs skilled labor."

: "How on earth could that even happen?"

: "What? It was an example. Perhaps not my best, but you see my point."

: "I don't quite think I do."

: "Look, you're the most truthful and open person I know. It doesn't even occur to you that you shouldn't play with your cards out on the table. That's why you need me. I'm picking up your cards. All of them, hidden. We're working together in this to reap the best possible outcomes for the High Guild."

: "That feels a little dishonest."

: "Greater good, Lady Ahla. Greater good. I have so many contracts in the works that you dont even need to worry your head about. How I reach our goals shouldn't concern you."

: "Oh, but it should. You aren't just my friend; you're also my advisor. I want to know what my advisors are doing."

: "I have it all taken care of! There's nothing to worry about."

: "Need I remind you that you nearly killed Pentai, of the Mehdeal family?"

: "That was one time, and no, you dont need to remind me! He's still alive, isn't he?"

: "Yes, but he lost almost everything with the moorlands deal."

: "Lady Ahla, with all due respect, you couldn't manage all the Houses, and all the Families, without me. Do you even know how many of them I deal with on a weekly basis? All of them. Your silly court arbitration doesn't compare to the effort I'm putting in to make this city an overnight success. Everyone knows Vitelle. Everyone knows Vitelle makes good things happen. What do they know about you?"

: "I'm sorry. It just feels wrong. The way you're doing this is wrong."

: "You're talking yourself into a circle, again."

: "Shouldn't the bordello be neutral ground, though? You have sex, for our city?"

: "Heavens no. Rarely do I ever meet someone from a House or Family here. I-"

: "So you've met-"

: "Not the point I'm making! There's no penetration, no lust. What I practice is the art of eroticism. It's quite the opposite of the brutish sex you and your companion wallow in."

: "I wish you wouldn't bring him up."

: "And why shouldn't I? Your love with him is so risky. I don't know how you can villainize me for my skill when you're likely to have us all exiled. I work so hard for you and in return you do whatever the hell you want!"

: "Vitelle..."

: "Shit...I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I got carried away. But you shouldn't pretend we're not looking out for the good of our city. Avila and Laint too."

: "Well, yes, but Avila and Laint haven't hidden things from me."

: "You can't know that for a fact."

: "Meh."

: "Come on, snap out of it. I said I was sorry."

: "We're supposed to be a team."

: "We are a team! And you need to be our leader. Why, I don't have half the experience you do with city planning!"

: "I dunno."

: "You're spending too much time worrying and not enough time governing. You're stressed. As your advisor, and as your friend, you need me to help you find relief."

: "What are you saying?"

: "When's the last time we've been here, together, by ourselves?"

: "I don't know. Like never?"

: "That's right. You have no idea how far I've come. I'm the greatest masseuse the High Guild has known."

: "I've heard you like to use those-"

: "No. No claws. No ropes. Just a deep massage."

: "Just a massage?"

: "Just a massage."

: "No bargains, no plans?"

: "None. This is a totally altruistic gesture on my part."

: "It's hard for me to believe that."

: "I swear it's true. May you exile me otherwise."

: "I would never..."

: "And you'll never. I promise."

: "Vitelle... Okay. Thank you, I'll accept your massage."

: "Thank you, too. You won't regret this."


-> Get a massage from Lady Vitelle.

-> Be past Lady Vitelle.

-> Be future Lady Vitelle.

-> Be present Talgurin.

Vote in the comments section below. The most voted option will determine what happens!

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Seppel on Oct 25th, 2017 @ 06:34 PM
Voting closed! "Be Past Vitelle" wins as the first to reach 3 votes, tied with "Be Talgurin."

cuddles on Oct 25th, 2017 @ 04:20 PM
Be present Talgurin.

Seppel on Oct 25th, 2017 @ 03:43 PM
Voting closing tonight (in a few hours), here's the current votecount!

Past Vitelle: 3
Present Talgurin: 2
Future Vitelle: 1
Massage: 0

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