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(Oct 24th, 2017)
Lady Ahla's Adventure, Part 3!
      by Seppel

-> Lady Ahla, search for Laint and Vitelle.

You bid a farewell to Talgurin, sneak in a few more kisses, and pad off to get cleaned up. One of your secretaries approaches you to remind you of the weekly Head of House meeting.

Your search for Laint and Vitelle will have to pause for a while while you attend this meeting.

When you arrive, you notice that neither Laint nor Vitelle are in attendance -- where could they be?

You'll have to navigate without your closest advisors.

Di'Oro is ruled by the High Guild, of which you are the supreme leader. You are the queen of this monarchy, the Lady, and this disturbs you. What if someone with impure motivation were in charge instead? Are you making the right decisions?

While you do get questioned from time to time about your rulings (especially when it comes to arguments between two loud Heads of House, Thorsten Gaar and Maddox Goan), you were taught by your grandmother to show confidence in your decisions. It's the only way they'll take you seriously. Still, though, you wish you weren't the sole arbiter on these matters.

Houses are large gated plots of land in Di'Oro, managed by their own communities. They were among the first to settle the foundation of Di'Oro. As refugees continued to pour in, shelters were created at a quick pace in undeveloped land to the south, which became known as the Lower District, separated from the Upper District by a river that flows through the center of your city. You have never personally met anyone from the Lower District, and it's unlikely you ever will. You've heard stories about poor living conditions and unruly citizens, but those are for the Guard and House courts to concern themselves with.

Sometimes the Houses have internal disputes, which are settled by their own rules. They also elect a member to be appointed to the High Guild as a jury for crimes alleged by High Guild members. Though relatively new, this balance of power has kept the Houses satisfied.

These meetings have begun focusing more and more on settlements, disputes, and grabs for power. The health and safety of your citizens is your primary concern, and you feel as if the High Guild is unable to take action, only prescribe legislation that may or may not be followed to the letter. You keep your worry and disappointment hidden, and you exercise your judgments with clarity and hope. Many arguments, many judgments: it goes on and on. It's tiring.

A few hours later, the meeting is adjourned. You are served dinner, and you inquire about the whereabouts of Laint and Vitelle.

You finally get an answer: they're at the Vel'Jid Bordello.

-> Head to the Vel'Jid Bordello.

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cuddles on Oct 24th, 2017 @ 04:08 PM
Wonder why Laint and Vitelle didn't show to the meeting.

Nezumi12 on Oct 24th, 2017 @ 03:40 PM
i like a nice Bordello with my dinner XD

GlitchFlux on Oct 24th, 2017 @ 01:37 PM
So no choice here... Lol

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