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(Oct 23rd, 2017)
Lady Ahla's Adventure, Part 2!
      by Seppel

-> Lady Ahla, Consult with Captain Talgurin.

You decide that political matters can wait. A visit with Talgurin will be good for the soul. You send a messenger to deliver an important meeting request to him.

It will have two attendees and last ten minutes.

You wait out on your rooftop balcony for him.

Surely the rumors of your trysts can't be that bad. Talgurin came into your life unexpectedly. You sat in during a standard meeting with the city guards, where Talgurin was bring promoted to Captain. He spoke of the world you were born into, and how he failed to protect the land from disaster. He vowed that it would never happen to Di'Oro under his watch. Curious if he knew your parents or anyone who knew them, you arranged a ptivate meeting with him. While he had no answers to your personal queries, he was a magnificent listener, and you connected far more than you imagined you would.

Soon you began having sex. And what fantastic sex it was! So much he's opened your eyes to, among other parts. Oh! Here he is now: a tall, handsome dragon who's more than ten times as old as you... (But all dragons live long lives, and he's sure to see Di'Oro develop long after you're gone. Morbid, but true.)

Talgurin's deep, rumbling voice pulls you out of your own thoughts.

: "You called for me, Lady?"

: "Oh! Yes, my Captain. Very important matters to discuss. I'm afraid we have a rogue guard who can't keep his claws off me."

: "Mm. And does my Lady see this rogue often? Does she invite him into her private quarters, and show him sights her suitors only dream of?"

You feel his hands wrap around your body from behind, his strong chest pressing against you. Hot breath rolls down your neck, and your collarbone is tickled with kisses.

: "Oh, you've caught me again, Talgurin."

It was the last thing you could say before your robe is pulled open, and those familiar hands knead into your plush chest, fingers exciting your nipples with soft twists, and the occasional pinch that makes you squeak.

Suddenly you feel yourself pushed forward onto your hands and knees. Before you can present yourself properly, your lover has already found his way into your robe, and his slick shaft inside of you. He wastes no time in pounding you firmly into the ground, your hands barely able to support you as you take each smack of his hips against your generous rear.

You moan obscenities loud enough that those below your rooftop tryst know exactly what's going on. But you don't care. You're only concerned with orgasm after orgasm, until you finally need a break from such draconic stamina, and make motions for a position shift.

Talgurin allows you to control the pace, laying back as you ride his flesh, savoring every inch as it holds your slit taut around its girth. You never fashioned yourself a size queen; it just naturally happened this way. Each bounce on his cock send your bosom bouncing to his delight. Talgurin, you've learned, loves visual stimulation the most.

You feel him throbbing beneath you, and you roll your hips with purpose milking out his virile orgasm. He remains calm and concentrated on you. Looking into his eyes, you see just how much he cares about you. You smile to him with fulfillment as you milk out his seed. As his orgasm subsides (it always seems to last for a long time!), your relax on top of him, your bodies warm in the summer heat. You whisper in his ear.

: "I love you."

You hug him tightly, your bodies feeling like one.

: "I love you for eternity."

You giggle softly, though the passion behind his words shows he means what he said. He explains further:

: "I've lost my friends and family from ages ago, Lady Ahla. You're the only one I care about now. Well, you and that thing you do with your hips. Don't ever stop doing that."

You break out in laughter. This gives you a naughty idea.

: "Do you have enough time? I could keep going. I don't want you to get in trouble, though!"

: "Mmm... as your Captain, I do have many responsibilities."

So much to do, so little time.

What will you do?

-> Have more sex.

-> Search for Laint and Vitelle.

-> Be Talgurin.

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cuddles on Oct 24th, 2017 @ 04:00 PM
Wish be Talgurin had more votes.

Nezumi12 on Oct 24th, 2017 @ 03:37 PM
how did "have more sex" get 0 votes?
i blame a strong sense of responsibility

LadySikerra on Oct 24th, 2017 @ 11:18 AM
Cracking up that one of the options is literally just, "Have more sex." lol

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