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(Oct 12th, 2017)
Sikaah's Adventure, Part 10!
      by Seppel

-> Sikaah, visit Creyta.

You deliver a dire plea for more strength to this tinkerer. The skunk, Creyta, understands the severity of the situation with Kuushik, and she doesn't take it lightly that you came here to have her dredge up fearful designs of the past.

Creyta accepts, but asks that you be dismissed, preferring privacy to answer this call.

Your protest is cut short when you realize just how weak you feel. You've been running all over the place and tangling with hordes of foxes. Plus, without your staff, or something similar containing a finely tuned collection of gemstones, you're just a regular Grand Conductor.

As you leave Creyta's workshop, you begin a new quest to recover your lost staff.

Your part in this adventure, however, is over.

-> Intermission, Part 1.

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Justin_case on Oct 13th, 2017 @ 11:17 PM
The fox Eldrazi hasn't won yet. I think we just moved the story around so much they need a second to decide where to go.
So Seppel are we building one giant thing (Gundam style) or lots of smaller things (Wonderful 101 style)?

ezekiel_tyr on Oct 13th, 2017 @ 05:32 PM
the antisipation is killing me

cuddles on Oct 13th, 2017 @ 04:58 PM
Tries to fast-forward to the next day.

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